Why Jim Katapodis

Jim Katapodis

Jim Katapodis

To All My Wonderful HB Supporters:

Because you did not hesitate to send me kind words of encouragement, shared with me your infinite wisdom, and contributed your valuable time and hard-earned money to support my campaign, we finally made it!!

How I feel right now is beyond words, and I owe it all to you.  The words “thank you” will never be enough, so instead of saying them, I will instead show my gratitude by working very hard to be your voice in City Council.



November 6, 2012 Official Election Results:

Number To Vote For: 3
Completed Precincts: 158 of 158


  Vote Count Percentage
JILL HARDY 27,877 14.2%
JIM KATAPODIS 25,254 12.9%
DAVE SULLIVAN 24,506 12.5%
DEVIN DWYER 19,485 9.9%
ERIK PETERSON 18,119 9.2%
TIM RYAN 14,487 7.4%
BRUCE J. BRANDT 7,053 3.6%
BOB WENTZEL 3,701 1.9%



I love living in Huntington Beach and have been a proud resident of Surf City since 1990. I therefore have a deep connection with this city and would like to see it grow.  Even though I don’t surf, I enjoy watching the competition knowing that with the prestige comes the big revenues that benefit not only our local businesses, but the city coffers as well.  The same also applies to the volleyball competitions that our city hosts, as well as the fabulous 4th of July parade.  I will champion events such as these as one of the mainstays of our beautiful city, thereby boosting our tourism industry.

Other cities are struggling to meet their budget needs and on the brink of bankruptcy, leaving their elected officials with no choice but to cut jobs and programs, and raise local taxes; passing the financial burden, directly or indirectly, to its citizens.  I strongly believe that transparency in government and easy access to public records will help eliminate surprises and encourage fiscal responsibility in the government.  I will be your strong advocate for this.

The people of Huntington Beach value the quality of life they now enjoy.  Although progress is a must to sustain our community, controlled growth should happen with an eye on intelligent and smart use of space.  Since the wilderness areas and protected parks we now have are necessary for new ecological discoveries and the survival of certain species, and the solitude and recreation it provides are good for our spiritual and physical well-being, I will support measures needed to maintain and conserve what’s left of our natural environment to its current level (if not more), and keep human impact to these environs at a minimum.

I am a strong supporter of the Huntington Beach Police, Marine Safety, and Fire Departments.  My number one goal is to keep Huntington Beach a safe place to live in, and I will work very hard to make Huntington Beach synonymous to being “among the best in public safety” in the nation.

Having been a public servant for over 30 years, it has become second nature to me to volunteer my time to causes I believe in.  I am therefore taking this opportunity to offer my experience, knowledge, and passion to the Huntington Beach community.

I will be your voice of reason in our City Council.  Come November elections, with your vote, together we can make Huntington Beach the city you and I will always want to live in.

Thank you.

Endorsements (partial list):
Huntington Beach Police Officers Association
HB City Council Member and former HB Mayor Connie Boardman
HB City Council Member Joe Shaw
HB City Council Member and former Mayor Keith Bohr
HB City Council Member and former Mayor Joe Carchio
Orange County League of Conservation Voters
Huntington Beach Firefighters Association
Orange County Water District Board Member and Former HB Mayor Cathy Green
Former Huntington Beach Mayor Peter Green
Rancho Huntington Homeowners Association
Former Huntington Beach Mayor and Councilman Gil Coerper

Peace Officers Research Association of California
Sheriff-Coroner of  Orange County Sandra Hutchens
Huntington Beach Marine Safety Management Association
Sierra Club
Former HB Mayor Debbie Cook
Former HB Mayor Norma Brandel Gibbs
Marie Fellhauer, El Segundo City Council
Huntington Beach Downtown Residents Association (HBDRA)
Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association
Los Angeles Police Protective League